Paintings in this image gallery are all acrylic on stretched canvas. Click to view this page without the Paypal forms.
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Item 3-1
"Boy from the Bush" 1500mm x 900mm
$2500.00 Item SOLD


Image 3-2
"View from the Loo" 400mm x 300mm


Image 3-3
"Happy Daze" 400mm x 300mm
$550 (sold)

Image 3-4
"Once was a Boxer" 1500mm x 900mm


Image 3-5
"That's Mate, Bud!" 900mm x 600mm.


Image 3-6
"Dreaming of the Catch" 500mm x 400mm

Image 3-7
"Chance-v-Endeavour" 500mm x 400mm


Image 3-8
"Djya pack th' corkscrew?" 400mm x 300mm


Image 3-9
"Honeymoon in Schoolies week" 400mm x 300mm