Images painted in this gallery have come from my photos, taken during many years of travelling 'out bush,' of the many campfires enjoyed over the years. Click to view this page without the Paypal forms.
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Item 4-1
"Breaking in the New Billy" 900mm x 600mm painted,"LIVE", at the Tree Frog Gallery, Maleny, during "Artweek"
$1550.00 Item SOLD


Image 4-2
"Dad's Cooking".1000mm x 400mm


Image 4-3
"Finally, some Peace and Quiet!" 1000mm x 400mm.
$2500.00 (SOLD)

Image 4-4
"If left Unwatched...." 1000mm x 400mm.


Image 4-5
"Tea 'n' Scones" 1000mm x 400mm.


Image 4-6
"When Campfires Go Feral".

Image 4-7
"Who's Watch' Th' Billy?" 1000mm x 400mm.


Image 4-8
"Early Start".500mm x 400mm.


Image 4-9
"First Light" 500mm x 400mm. This painting was the subject for the demonstration painting in #80 of the Artist's Palette magazine
$750.00 (SOLD)